breast cancer

Exercise and Sleep: Part 3

Hey there! For the third and fourth chapters of our look at exercise and sleep I am going to look at diseased populations. For today we’re going to look at a study published just a few months ago about patients with breast cancer. The purpose of this study was to discover the effects of exercise amount and type on sleep quality because sleep problems are common for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. 301 women older than 18 participated in this study. They were randomly assigned to one of three exercise groups: STAN (~30 mins of aerobic exercise), HIGH (~60 mins of aerobic exercise), or COMB (~60 mins of aerobic and resistance exercise). The guidelines used for the STAN group were from the ACSM and the HIGH group doubled these. Sleep quality was assessed 4 times though the chemo process with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), a 19-item self report scale that examined 7 sleep components. These components are: sleep quality, latency, duration, efficiency, disturbances, medication use, and daytime dysfunction. About half of patients reported poor sleep quality at the beginning of the study.The results showed that the all 3 groups had significant improvements in most of the 7 components. The HIGH group showed a greater improvement in sleep quality. The COMB group showed improvement over the HIGH group in sleep quality, duration, and sleep efficiency. This is big news for women with breast cancer because it shows that any amount of exercise can help combat the sleep troubles that come along with chemotherapy. To all those fighting cancer, don’t give up and I wish you the best exercise and sleep you’ve ever had in your life. KEEP FIGHTING.